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Steel Coils Test Method

Source: Zhicheng SteelDate: 2017-10-17

1- Salt spray test

Salt spray test including traditional salt spray test, i.e., 5% sodium chloride continuous spray test; salt spray test cycle, which mean 5% sodium chloride and spray-drying, water spraying cycle test procedure; CASS test, i.e. copper accelerated salt fog test. At present the most used in the field of color-coated conventional salt spray test, as shown in the photo, Traditional salt spray test test conditions are very harsh, can quickly reflect the ability of color-coated resistant to salt spray.(Use Salt spray test machine)


2-T-bend test

T bend test is to bend sample itself 180 °, to observe the curved surface cracking or peeling condition of the coating paint, make sure the minimum thickness of the coating does not produce multiple of cracking or peeling of the sample. Figure 0T and 1T test is shown.(Using bending machine)





3-Color coating thickness(Triple-spot test is suitable in this, use the average of three points as the final test)


More convenient and accurate method for coating thickness measurement is using micrometer to measure coating thickness by measuring the difference before and after the removal of color-coated coating thickness.


4-Pencil hardness test


Pencil hardness test method for determining hardness of the coating is the most convenient and effective, is to use a set of pencil which is known hardness to measured relative hardness of the coating surface of steel.



5-Reverse punch test


Let hammer of impact device do free fall to the sample, the sample was quickly deformed, forming a convex area, check the coating convex area if appears cracks or paint falling, then can see the ability resistance to cracking and falling, as shown in photo (USE Impact tester)


6-Anti-Scratch test

Use the machine with needle to scratch the sample with certain weight, to confirm how is the paint present.(Anti-scratch testing machine)



7-Using a gloss meter (pictured) can be used to measure gloss of color coating.


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