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Glavalume steel coil

Hot dipped galvalume steel coil Thickness(mm): 0.3~3.0 Width(mm):600~1600 Per Coil Weight(Ton):5~14 Coil ID(mm):508/610 Coil OD (mm) : MAX:1900  Zinc coating: GL Zinc alloy coating: (GL) Zinc coating thickness: Z60~275 Aluzinc coating thickness: AZ60~160
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Hot dipped galvalume steel coil
Hot dipped galvalume steel sheet(coil) is a formed by passing the full hard sheet which has undergone the acid washing process and rolling process through the aluminum and zinc alloy pot. The aluminum-zinc alloy coating with reasonable ratio; aluminum weight ratio is 55%, zinc weight ratio weight ratio is 43.4%
Indoor and outdoor decoration, electrical, electronics, auto parts and pipes and so on.
Product features.
Corrosion resistance: Hot dipped galvalume steel shows superior anti-corrosion quality than galvanized steel in the temperature and salt spray test.
Processing: Processibility of galvalume steel sheet is same as galvanized steel sheet and, especially the crack of forming place is less than galvanized steel sheet.
Weldability: Has excellent weldability.
Paintability: When for signs and commercial use, can be painted without pretreatment and weathering, while galvanized steel sheet need such treatment.

Other Information for Hot dipped galvanized/ galvalume steel coil
Surface treatment
Chromate passivation/ Green passivation/Oiler/Light oiled/No oiled/Skin pass/Anti-finger print
Surface structure
Minimized/Zero/Big Spangle
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